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By Popular Demand~ we introduce our ESS Crew!

OK, ENOUGH already!!  We HEAR you!!  Many fans of our tough little field English Springer Spaniels have suggested (rather loudly) than we give the Springers their due.

 SO . . . watch this page for pictures and  tales of the adventures of some of our sporting dogs, past and present. 

             Betty Boop


Pictured to the immediate right is one of the very BEST Springers I have ever shot over. An own son of NFTC Greenbriar Raider, "Colonel Corky" had much of his sire's incredible ability in the field--and hard headedness!  Once I figured out just how to push this rebel's buttons without pissing him off, to see Corky work wild pheasants was nothing short of amazing. He was everything a good Springer should be, and then some.

Corky was bred by the late Archie Whiting.



Fond recollections of "The Boopster."

This diminutive Springer was always good for some sensational hard flushes and as a junior dog she  had exceptional  talent  in foiling those late season, hard running pheasants!

Early on, Betty was clearly befuddled by what to do with retrieving those big ornery-"kick the stuffing out of you"-roosters!  She came up with a creative solution--just SIT on the darn things and squish 'em so they can't get away and yell for Mom!

This photo is from several years ago with Betty Boop and her first Rooster--one of many that she SAT on!!

Later in her training, she would retrieve dead game  biddingly to hand, but the live birds she persisted in sitting on!



A far cry from their show bred relatives in both appearance and ability, field bred English Springer Spaniels are considered by many sporting dog authorities to know no peer as a hunter of feathers. 

Colin and I have been involved with this wonderful little sporting breed for over 30 years.  Most of our Springers are working field dogs but we have had a few AKC Champion and Performance titled dogs over the years. 



Pheasant Hunting~

 Here is a happy crew!  Let's see if they are smiling that much after they clean all those birds!  Pheasant is excellent eating and we don't waste a morsel.  Where are the dogs?  Probably in the rig--fast asleep!

One of Kim's famous (or not so famous) quotes:   "Hunting wild birds over a good dog is just about the most fun a person can have with their clothes on!"

 Ch Gold Camp's Let Them Talk CD

 Oh Boy!!  There has been a whole lot of water under the bridge since this photo was taken!  Little Magic was a great little dog, and was my first bench or show bred Springer.  I purchased Magic as a wee pup as a gift for my new husband and as Fate would have it, she selected ME instead as the special person in her life. For almost 15 years we were inseparable and shared many adventures . I hunted a lot in those years, more than I do now--and Magic did everything from helping me bag crafty fox squirrels to tracking crippled/lost game.  A Top Ten ranked winner, she was a credible upland game dog and had the structure and stamina for long hours in the field.  She also taught me a lot about the importance  of health screening breeding stock and why NOT to trust breeders who say they have "no problems in their dogs".  Hogwash, DEMAND to see PROOF of testing.  Magic was a great little dog but carried a lot of genetic issues that a responsible breeding program would have prevented.