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            WINDROCK Code Of Ethics


 Those of us who don the mantle of a Greyhound Breeder take on awesome responsibility in the creation of Life. At the very least, Breeders are the Guardians of the Greyhound. As Breeders, we must always strive to produce healthy dogs that are long lived and can do the job that they were bred to do.  This formidable task can only be accomplished by adherence to a strict moral code and by keeping total objectivity about quality, temperament and genetic health of breeding stock. The ultimate purpose of a dog is to be a companion,  a friend of Man.  And we as Breeders owe it to the Greyhound breed we love to do everything possible to create healthy, functional, long lived dogs.  We owe it not only to the dogs-but to the people that love them.
1. WINDROCK strives in each and every breeding to achieve the highest quality possible relative to the breed standard for conformation, excellence in performance in regards to coursing-either lure or open field, train-ability for obedience and companionship, health and temperament, in order to maintain and preserve the greyhound breeds characteristics.

2. WINDROCK uses only physically sound, mature dogs of stable temperament for breeding. These characteristics are rarely, if ever, fully determined before the age of four for either males or females. We believe a minimum breeding age of three is seriously recommended in to determine with greater certainty that the parents are of good health and temperament. 

3. WINDROCK continues to educate ourselves regarding genetic diseases pertinent to the breed, including, but not limited to-- hip and elbow dysplasia, eye diseases, seizure disorders,liver shunt,GDV, allergies, heart disorders,  and utilize any information available as to their modes of inheritance. We make use of available health tests. Documentation of hip,eye and other health screenings  are available to prospective puppy buyers. Hip screening documentation consists of an OFA or Penn Hip report and/or a letter of evaluation from a board certified Veterinary Radiologist or Veterinary Orthopedist; eyes are evaluated by a board-certified ACVO diplomate. (CERF)

4. WINDROCK applies the same high standards to outside bitches sent to their stud dogs as they apply to their own breeding stock.

5. WINDROCK carefully evaluates and matches each puppy's personality as carefully as possible with a compatible buyer/family. We Temperament Test each puppy at least once before it is offered for sale.

6. WINDROCK takes appropriate steps to have each puppy examined by a veterinarian for general health before sale and a written health certificate is supplied to our buyers. Each puppy is fully vaccinated and wormed by or in consultation with a veterinarian. Proper documentation indicating all dewormings and vaccinations is provided to the puppy buyer.

7. WINDOCK strongly encourages buyers of pet puppies to spay/neuter and our contracts include written spay/neuter provisions, limited registration, and/or spay/neuter rebates.

8. WINDROCK endeavors to gain further knowledge of the temperament and health of every dog they breed, or to which we breed in order to gather accurate information on which to base future breeding decisions. We will gladly share this information fully and honestly with other breeders and with prospective buyers.

9. WINDROCK will sell breeding prospects to knowledgeable and ethical persons and we are willing to help educate and guide novices by mentoring. We always will accept the return of any dog/bitch our breeding program produces and will always help re-home or transport other greyhounds in need.

10. WINDROCK does not engage in misleading or untrue advertising.  Our dogs' successes are impressive enough and don't need embellishment!  We do not "touch up" or enhance photographs advertising our dogs.

11. WINDROCK does not sell, supply, donate or surrender any dog for which they are responsible to a pet shop, catalog house, wholesale dealer in dogs, Humane Society, or non diseased dogs to a laboratory. We stipulate in our contract that each individual receiving a dog from us will provide a home with appropriate shelter, restraint, control and responsible care.

12. WINDROCK strongly encourages puppy buyers to go to puppy and obedience classes to help their puppies to become better canine good citizens. The achievement of a Canine Good Citizen certificate is strongly encouraged.

13. WINDROCK  participates and/or cooperates in research studies into heritable defects affecting the Greyhound breed.

  Best of friends, these youngsters share a nap.