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The month of May has brought us a bounty of puppies!! These puppies are the result of over three decades of our dedication and involvement in breeding superior dogs.    All of the mothers are accomplished AKC Dual Champions with health screening.  Health Screening results are available on the OFA webpage. A Please refer to our PLANNED LITTERS tab for more information. You are welcomed to call Kimberly at 970 270 1300 or email [email protected] for more information.

****FLASH!!*** Scorch (BIF DC Windrock Accelerattii Incredibus SC Fch ) presented us with 13 puppies on May 10th!!  We have 10 girls and 3 boys and Misty (BIF DC Windrock Misty SC Fch) followed up with her all brindle litter of 7 on May 16th! She has 4 girls and 3 boys!

A final litter sired by the all time top sire MBIS/MSBIS Ch Shazam's The Journey Begins JC out of our beautiful DC Windrock Bertha Better Than You SC Fch, came on July 22, 2018. 

We are proud to announce the arrival of Mamma Scorch' s long anticipated  litter born on May 10, 2018!

Pictures below of Scorch's puppies which came in quite an array of colors! We have 2 black boys and one red boy,  5 black girls,  3 red girls, 1 white and red particolor girl and 1 white and black girl.

At this time, we have a couple of  puppies available from Scorch's litter as we did not being blessed with so many!

 Please contact Kim at 970 270 1300 or email us at [email protected] .

Puppies by MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch (Italian Import) OFA/CERF/ DNA  X  BIF DC Windrock Acceleratti SC Fch OFA/CERF?DNA whelped 5/10/18

Scorch, Misty and Bertha Sue are accomplished AKC Dual Champions that have been health screened and DNA verified. We bred these girls to AKC Champion sires with distinguished records and pedigrees that are indicative of health and longevity. These puppies should be some of our best yet!


We Have Misty Puppies!!

 Sire MBIF FC Windrock Hot Roddicus Super Sonicus SC Fch

Dam BIF DC Windrock Misty SC Fch

  Whelped May 16, 2018   4 girls and 3 boys  All brindles!

  Misty's  litter of 7 came on May  16, 2018.  We have  3 little boys and  7  little girls.  This litter is one we have long awaited and eagerly anticipated.  And we are excited by the early promise and quality evident in these babies.

The best way to get a WINDROCK greyhound puppy is to get on our waiting list.  We breed one, sometimes two litters annually and we rarely have puppies available.  

Consumers!! Please AVOID  being victimized by back yard breeders selling puppies on internet puppy sales sites. We hear LOTS of complaints and sad stories.   Deal with a reputable breeder, we recommend contacting the AKC Greyhound Parent Club of America  click here for link.  Members are ethical and responsible breeders.

We are taking reservations now for the long awaited mating of MBIS/MSBIS Ch Shazam's The Journey Begins JC to Misty's full sister, DC Windrock Bertha Better Than You SC Fch.  This is a long anticipated breeding of one our very best females to the Greyhound breed's legendary top champion sire. 

We are now accepting reservations for our 2019 litters. We are planning for two litters.

Contact us at [email protected] or call Kim at 970 434 9866  before 10 pm MST or 970 270 1300 cell. 

About WINDROCK LLC Greyhound Puppies~

Our WINDROCK greyhound puppies are raised in our home and are tended to 24/7 by a full time puppy raising professional, Kimberly Fritzler. WINDROCK puppies are not kennel dogs and they are placed with the contractual stipulation that they live in the home as members of the family.

WINDROCK puppies are micro chipped, AKC registered, fully vaccinated and de-wormed. Complete health records are included and each puppy is sold with written guarantees of health and quality. We stand behind our Code of Ethics and the genetic health of our greyhounds.   An important part of the puppies upbringing is the implication of   "Puppy Profiling" evaluations which are valuable in helping to place each puppy with the best fit for prospective puppy buyers.

Each puppy goes home with a puppy care kit which includes collar, leash, complete health records, instructions on care and feeding, two wonderful books, toys and most importantly, WINDROCK life-time mentoring.  WINDROCK offers a full two week period in which time the puppy may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price providing the puppy is returned in the same excellent condition in was picked up in. We will ALWAYS take back dogs we have bred.!

As our puppies are raised by mothers who are allowed to naturally wean them,  we prefer to place our puppies at around 10 weeks of age.  WINDROCK puppies are potty trained, going well on leash, stand for exam and are crate trained. Your WINDROCK puppy is a  happy, highly socialized little guy which has been properly raised  and ready for a family to love him. 

Most WINDROCK greyhound puppies are $2700 and we offer a spay neuter rebate. Show and breeding prospects are individually evaluated and priced. As WINDROCK generally raised only one or two litters annually, reservations are strongly recommended. 

Interested parties are welcomed to call Kimberly Fritzler on her cell 970 270 1300 or email us at [email protected]

About Greyhound Puppies~



Our Greyhound puppies are raised in our home and have professional care 24/7.  We have a considerable investment of time and dedication in each baby and nothing is spared in rearing what we believe are some of the finest greyhounds available.

We don't force or rush Nature and we allowMom to naturally wean her offspring and  we provide daily human interaction with the litter to give each of the puppies the best possible start in life.  But it is only A START.  It is up to the new family to carry on Pup's education and raise him up to be a good canine citizen. Obedience and Puppy Kindergarten classes are strongly recommended!  WINDROCK  rewards AKC or UKC obedience title awards with cash incentives!

My old team roping partner used to say, "You get out of a horse exactly what you put into one--and good horses are made over time and with lots of wet saddle blankets."

How true.  Your Pup will reflect exactly what you have taught--or failed to teach him. A trained and well behaved dog reflects hours of one on one training, dedication and love.  Bad dogs result from inappropriate training or no training--and neglect. Good nutrition is essential for proper growth.  For optimum results, one cannot feed a greyhound puppy just processed kibble.  Puppies require good and wholesome foods like fresh meat, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc for proper development.  We strongly recommend  supplementation of premium kibble diets with "raw" and/or natural cooked foods for the lifetime of the dog.

A Greyhound puppy will require extensive time, love, and dedication from his caretakers.  He will need lots of time to play in a big yard to expend all that youthful energy.  He will need gentle guidance and a lot of training to help him develop into a well-behaved canine citizen.  Good dogs don't just HAPPEN. They are MADE.

If you don't have the time to make the commitment to your companion owing to work demands or family life--PLEASE reconsider getting a dog.

  Some of these puppies went to show homes, but most were placed as companions.


There are some exceptionally beautiful babies in this litter.  Which one is for me?  I finally selected the dark red blob in the lower right hand corner. Named "Windrock She's Tough Enough" and we call her "Firefly" 

             In 2013 we had only eight puppies available

 BIF SBOS GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch

             MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch x  SBOS DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC 

 (Both parents OFA/CERF/Nueropathy tested)

Litter pedigree 

Good girl that Doobie! 

Not only did she free whelp her litter of nine in fine fashion, she was considerate enough to do so in the middle of the day and not keep me up all night. 

And did she ever do a good job.  We have a beautiful litter of nine glorious little babies, 2 boys and 7 girls. 

Colors are as follows:  1 blue boy, 1 blue brindle boy,

2 black girls, 2 white and blue girls, 1 blue brindle girl, 1 red brindle girl and 1 blue brindle girl. 

More pictures coming, but I have to catch up on the laundry first--having puppies is MESSY. 



These puppies are the result of a frozen semen breeding to a long deceased top producing sire, Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau.  It is the first time that these particular bloodlines have been crossed and we are very excited to see how the puppies develop and grow. Sorry, but no puppies from this litter are available. We are planning a second and last breeding of our AKC National Championship winning, Amber.  We strongly urge people wanting to be considered for a WINDROCK LLC greyhound puppy from a future litter contact us NOW!.  

Our fantastic blue lady has presented us with a beautiful litter!

BIF Multiple Group Winning SBOS GCH Dual Champion Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch

MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  SBOS DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC


Ohhh, those puppies are growing and getting bigger by the day . . . 

 Our amazing blue girl "Doobie" attained her titles with some very impressive wins. Shown only at GCA Specialties and supported entries, Doobie finished her AKC bench championship with all major wins and, on more than one occasion, won the lure coursing held the same day! A person would be hard pressed to find another greyhound with Doobie's credentials. Not only did she excel in the show-ring facing the toughest competition, she was a worthy adversary on the coursing field.  She is currently the only BIF and Group winning Grand Champion, Dual Champion Greyhound in AKC history!  Doobie is one of our best and we are eagerly anticipating seeing what lovely puppies she will bless us with.

Keeping with our philosophy of avoiding inbreeding or line breeding, this mating is an outcross with no duplication of ancestors in the first three generations and only one doubling in the fourth.  Puppies of all colors are expected. To view the pedigree, click Litter Pedigree   

**Doobie wins another Group First at the Intermountain KC show on May 3rd**