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Remember the Stray Cat Strut song by the Stray Cats? Here are some revamped lyrics to that tune, greyhound style!


Greyhound Strut by Erik A. Ostrow (cover of Stray Cats Strut by the Stray Cats)


Dustin' other greyhounds going 'round the track,

Make that first left and I don't look back.

I can't fall behind much to my chagrin.

Forget that show or place, I wanna win!


Greyhound Strut I'm the "greyt-est" breed.

Ain't nobody gonna catch me when I hit top speed!

I'm runnin' so hard like a real livewire,

Givin' all I got until it's time to retire!



Yeah! I sure can move!


Then I get to head back to the farm...Oh Yeah!

I go to the kennel lookin' for a home,

Hoping and praying for a couch of my own!

Love this new life with my family and pack,

You gave me a treat, but please share your snack.

I eat all I want but I don't have a gut,

And I rule my roost doing the greyhound strut!


Now I really love retirement...Oh Yeah!

I head for the back yard running for a few,

Doing lots of zoomies then I'll flop when I'm through!

Perfectin' the roach, all sprawled out on the bed,

Blue, Brindled, White, Black, Fawn, and Red!

Don't call me a whippet and I ain't no mutt,

And I'll win you over with my greyhound strut!


Posted by Kimberly Ann Fritzler on March 4, 2016 at 6:24 PM 2957 Views

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