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  • The Who-Dogs-1968 45pm
    by Kimberly Ann Fritzler on May 4, 2012 at 9:49 AM
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    Bet you haven't heard this song by The Who. Released in 1968.

    Partial Lyrics:

    The first time we met you were a kennel maid,

    You gave me a tip I got me forecast paid,

    You were holding a greyhound in trap number one,

    Your white coat was shining in the afternoon sun.

    Now we're both together,

    We're never gonna break apart, no no,

    'Cause we're a happy couple you and me,

    With a greyhound at either knee.

    I'll have ten shillings to win on CAMIRA FLASH, young man,

    What dog's that THEN? IT'S THE DUKE'S DOG, ENNIT!

    There was nothing in my life bigger than beer,

    'Ceptin' you, little darling,

    We're a happy couple you and me,

    With a greyhound at either knee.

    We go to the dog track on Saturday night,

    We put all our money on a dog that we like,

    A kiss and a cuddle, a hot meat pie,

    Two dollar tickets and a starry sky.

    RIGHT, where's me wage packet ?????,

    Ah I'll put twenty-five knicker please on YELLOW PRINTER,

    Oh, I hope the wife don't find out,

    Yes, it's sure to win, isn't it,

    Yes, I know, it's a good dog, I saw it run at White City,

    Just last week, broke the record, YELLOW PRINTER,

    Nice dog, yes, lovely form, lovely buttocks.


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