Lure Coursing Lure Coursing Windrock DM The One And Only Nikki awaits her turn. 153920955 Windrock Candle In The Wind This photograph should lay to rest any doubts that Greyhounds LOVE to Lure Course! 153920956 Windrock Candle In The Wind Amber displays cheetah-like agility on the coursing field 153920958 Windrock American Victory A good example of the collected phase of the double suspension gallop 153920959 Windrock American Victory A sleek black in a yellow muscle shirt. 153920957 Windrock American Victory Gremlin is proud of her run and seeks approval from the Boss 153920960 Windrock DM The One And Only Nikki has captured the lure. 153920961 Windrock Calamity Jane CJ goes for a take . . . 153920962 Windrock Calamity Jane . . . owing to her speed, she overshoots the lure . . . 153920963 Windrock Calamity Jane . . .but captures it anyway! 153920964