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Planned Litters~

Gremlin Had Her Puppies On February 16, 2017!!

Intl Ch Windrock Angeleyes Of Skyings is pictured above with puppies sired by BIS Int Ch Sobers Cadiac  owned by Inger Johansson of Skyings, Sweden. "Angie" enjoyed a successful show career winning Group and RBIS honors before stepping into the whelping box.

There is a future BIS winner in this litter along with many champions carrying Inger's Skyings prefix. WINDROCK LLC greyhounds have been great producers for other greyhound kennels here and abroad. Over the years, there have been several litters whelped in Europe and Scandinavia sired or produced by WINDROCK LLC. broods, and most recently, the top showdog in Ireland  for 2016 was sired by our phenomenal sire MBIS Int Ch Windrock Fernando! 

We don't often have greyhound puppies available at WINDROCK  LLC and when we do, most of the pups already have families waiting! Early Reservations Are Important--Don't wait until the puppies come--you may be too late!

For the last several years, WINDROCK  LLC  has  averaged less than one litter a year.  We are having one litter in 2017 and we had only ONE puppy in 2015. See information below.

Beware unethical breeders!  We strongly recommend you contact the AKC Parent Club, The Greyhound Club of America for recommendations on reputable breeders.  Click the picture below for the Link: Kim has been a member of the GCA, the AKC Greyhound Parent Club since 1996 and both Kim and Colin are recognized by the AKC as BREEDERS OF Merit.


 Our Valentines came a couple of days late~~Gremlin's litter came on February 16, 2017.  She is the proud mom to 5 little boys and 4 little girls.  We have a wonderful array of colors.  We have 1 black boy, 3 red males with lots of sable accents, and 1 black brindle boy.

The girls are a bit harder at present to determine adult coloring. We have 1 black girl, 1 blue fawn and 2 what I think are blue brindles.   We will know more with the passing of a few days.

Gremlin is taking good care of them and like all WINDROCK babies, these kids are being raised in our home, in our living room. At least for a few weeks, then they move to the study and eventually use the doggy door to explore the great outdoors.

        Puppies Whelped February 16, 2017.

Sire  "WILE"   MBIF Ch Windrock Ultra Sonicus Ad Infinitum SC  OFA/CERF  Neuropathy Clear

Dam  "GREMLIN"  Ch Windrock American Victory SC  OFA/CERF  Neuropathy Clear

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Gremlin's second and final litter. She has given us some beautiful babies and we will be sure to share pictures and video as they grow.  Right now, they are content to nurse and sleep and their mamma is taking excellent care of them.

As we had nine puppies, we may have one or more available.  I will post more information as it comes available.


We are Expecting Gremlin Puppies In February of 2017!

Meet the little mother to be--our Gremlin who is Ch Windrock American Victory SC!
**UPDATE** X-rays indicate 8 puppies! 
I snapped this quick photo on Jan 19, 2017 and she was just starting her 5th week.  I'm not sure Gremlin appreciated the beautiful Colorado snow that was falling that day. We are hoping for a nice sized litter  that should come on our about February 20, 2017.  We are eagerly anticipating Gremlin's puppies as this pedigree sparkles with greyhounds who's accomplishments have carved their niche in greyhound history--but most importantly of all, health and longevity run strong in the bloodline.  IThis litter has been decades in the making. Gremlin's dam, our beloved "Grandma Whisper (DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC lived to be almost 16 years old and was hale and hardy right up to her passing.  Gremlin's puppies  will likely come in a rainbow of colors. Like a box of chocolates, you don't know what you are going to get, but it's gonna be GOOD.   Possibilities include brindles , both red and blue, maybe even a solid blue, and certainly likely are reds and fawns. And of course brilliant blacks.  We will be posting pictures and hopefully video soon of the new arrivals, so please stay tuned. Gremlin will love all the attention.

A Brief Bio On The Little Mother To Be~~Ch Windrock American Victory SC


Group Winning Ch Windrock American Victory SC

MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC

 CERF/OFA Cardiac/Dentition/Thyroid/ Neuropathy clear /DNA Verified

Click For Litter Pedigree

"Gremlin" is an own daughter of our "Grandma Whisper"  (DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC ), who recently passed on just short of 16 years of age. Health and longevity are strong in this bloodline! I imported Gremlin's great great grandma from Sweden decades ago and am very familiar with the dogs in her pedigree. Gremlin is arguably our best bitch and we are very excited to see what she will give us. 

Gremlin had a brief, but brilliant show career. Shown mostly at GCA Specialties, she won BISweeps at the National and  was RWB as a promising youngster. She returned a year later to the National to win WB,BOW in the largest greyhound competition held in North America. She blazed through her AKC Championship winning multiple group placements and a Group First.  

She is a good courser, but is of the opinion that chasing plastic bags is silly. She much rather snuggle on the couch with you and help you eat popcorn and watch TV. She is a lady of good graces and impeccable manners in the home.

Gremlin is very much my idea of what a greyhound bitch should be. She has ideal conformation with scope and volume and stands on the best of legs and feet. She moves soundly with the light, easy step of a coursing hound and has a very sweet, loving personality. She is even the proper size per the AKC Standard and weighs in at about 65 lbs.  She is the perfect companion and  was a loving mother to her first litter of two boys.  Gremlin is DNA verified and is health screened. Link to OFA results

**FLASH**  Gremlin's puppies came on Feb 16, 2017.  We have a fine litter of 5 boys and 4 girls!


The Proud Daddy To Be~~The Sensational Up And Coming Sire, MBIF Ch Windrock Ultra Sonicus Ad Infinitum SC Fch!

MBIF Ch Windrock Ultra Sonicus Ad Infinitum SC Fch

DK's Prime Time  x  MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind MC LCX LCM

CERF/OFA Cardiac,Thyroid, Dentition /DNA Verified

Link To OFA Results

Wile is  shown above winning RWD at the 2016 Greyhound Club of America National Specialty. He is an own son of our famous "Awesome Amber" who not only was #1 ranked in AKC lure coursing , she was well -nigh unbeatuable and racked up a string of impressive wins which included Best In Field at both theGrand National and AKC National Lure Coursing Championships, to name just a couple, she has many more worthy accolades.  She has produced just as brilliantly in the whelping box with three Dual Champions to date, a Grand National BIF Winner and  AKC NLCC National Field Trial Champion and Best In Field winner .She is one of our best producers and Wile is showing the promise of becoming one of her best sons.

Wile's sire is an exceptional greyhound who has been gone many years and has left a legacy of proven performers. This is an interesting pedigree that offers much in the way of out-crossed bloodlines.
Wille is an AKC bench or show Champion and an ASFA Fch and is just a few points shy of his Dual Championship and will not doubt soon earn the distinguished title of Dual Champion in the very near future. He has a wonderful, zany loving temperament, is SMART and learns quickly. He is exceptionally well conformed as is evidenced by the above picture. He is a superbly athletic dog and has multiple Best In Field wins to his credit. He is sweet and well mannered and gets along well with others. Wile LOVES children and is working on his therapy dog certification. A frequent visitor to some nursing homes , he senses and seeks out those who need of a kind caress of a pink tongue or someone to lean on.  

This will be Wile's second litter.  I think this young dog offers a lot to a discriminating breeder and we are elated with his first get, out of our highly regarded MBIF GCH DC Windrock Calamity Jane SC Fch. These puppies were whelped last May of 2016  and no doubt you will be hearing  about their exploits as soon as they hit the show ring and /or coursing field. Some are living the high life as devoted companions and we have heard nothing but praise from the people that love them.


2017 Looks To Be a Great Year For WINDROCK Greyhound Puppies!

We will soon be having February Puppies!!!

With any luck at all, soon we will be treated to the happy noise of multitudes of little feet racing and the wonderful smell of puppy breath.
~To cooking huge pans of nourishing meat and vegetables while an appreciative audience moans and whimpers in impatient anticipation  of being fed.
 ~To hours of non stop amusement observing the babies explore at first the boundaries of their whelping box and the awe and wonder of their first experience leaving the safe confines of that familiar refuge and venturing out into the vast expanse of the study


~ To visitors coming with their children and marveling at the interaction of little humans and little puppies is something that has to be seen to be appreciated.  

As we don't often have puppies, these innocent  little lives are a much

 welcomed addition to our household.  
~The bright times we share with them is only dampened by the profound sadness that naturally comes when the day comes that each puppy leaves to go to its new home.

Looking Towards The Future~2018 And Beyond Plans!


MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  multiple group placing Windrock Miss Lathna Fey SC

CERF, OFA Heart, thyroid, dentition DNA identified and neuropathy clear

link to health testing results~ click here 

The Distinguished Sire!

"Rowan" is the only Dual Champion to ever have won a Greyhound Club of America Specialty Best In Show. He is one of only a handful of Grand Champion Dual Champions in the country. In addition to being multiple group placing at AKC shows, he is a multiple Best In Show winning UKC Champion and has consistently been in the top rankings in both show and coursing venues. He has competed at the toughest shows and coursing events in the country and has repeatedly been in the ribbons. He comes from a star studded litter deep in quality with a number of siblings winning Championships  here and abroad, in both coursing and show venues. We consider Rowan one of the best Greyhound males available today--his many noteworthy achievements give credence to that distinction. Rowan is much more than a top winner, he is a sweet, lovable, silly goof of a hound and embodies the great temperament and character WINDROCK LLC greyhounds are known for. We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of his first offspring. We are grateful to owner Faith Burnham for this opportunity!

 We had tried this combination before and got ONE beautiful puppy! We are so impressed with little Phoenix that we plan on repeating the mating in 2017. This exciting combination bodes well for beautiful, athletic companions in solid and brindle colors.

           The Distinguished Sire~


               MSBIS GCH DC MBIS UKC CH Windrock Easy Money SC

   MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  multiple group placing Windrock Miss Lathna Fey SC

~Health screened ~

CERF, OFA Heart, thyroid, dentition DNA identified and neuropathy clear

link to health testing results~ click here

"Rowan" is the only Dual Champion to ever have won a Greyhound Club of America Specialty Best In Show. He is one of only a handful of Grand Champion Dual Champions in the country. In addition to being group placing in AKC, he is a multiple Best In Show winning UKC Champion and has consistently been in the top rankings in both show and coursing venues. He has competed at the toughest shows and coursing events in the country and has repeatedly been in the ribbons. He comes from a star studded litter deep in quality with a number of siblings winning Championships  here and abroad, in both coursing and show venues. We consider Rowan one of the best Greyhound males available today--his many noteworthy achievements give credence to that distinction. Rowan is much more than a top winner, he is a sweet, loveable, silly goof of a hound and embodies the great temperament and character WINDROCK LLC greyhounds are known for. We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of his first offspring. We are grateful to owner Faith Burnham for this opportunity!


The Accomplished Dam (Mom!)

 BIF DC Windrock Misty SC Fch

Forbes Seymor   x  BIF DC Windrock Hocus Pocus SC Fch

~Health screened ~

CERF, OFA Heart, Thyroid, Dentition, Neuropathy Clear, DNA Verified

link to health testing results~click here

 "Misty" is a third generation WINDROCK Dual Champion! A keen and enthusiastic courser, she is an ASFA Regional Best In Field winner and was runner up to Grand National Best In Field honors in 2014.  Standard sized and beautifully proportioned, she easily completed her AKC Championship in tough competition. Often the smallest girl in the ring, the judges were quick to recognize her superb conformation and soundness and with no hesitation put her at the front of the line. She epitomizes the type of greyhound we endeavor to breed. She has wonderful character, is outgoing to all she meets and has been a favorite subject in elementary school demonstrations.  Health and longevity run in the line--her Aunt lived to be almost 16 years--a remarkable age for a Greyhound!!. 

This is a clever mating incorporating the best Greyhounds from a wide diversity of pedigrees and studbooks.  The resulting puppies should come in a rainbow of colors and be moderately sized with the athletic ability , beauty and health and longevity that Windrock LLC greyhounds are renown for. These puppies have the breeding to be the best of companions in the home and will have the innate ability to perform in various performance events and excel in the show ring. 

  Click here for Litter Pedigree


BIS Int Am Fin Est S CH FinW-02-04 NordW-03 BaltW-06 Windrock Fernando

MBIS/SBIS/HIT Ch Greystone's Barcelona CGC  x  Ch Sobers Aquatica

Click this link for Pedigree:   Fernando's Pedigree
CERF/Hips "A" rated in Finland, Neuropathy Free, DNA Verified 

Fernando is one of the pups from the sensational "ABBA" litter bred by WINDROCK. He is a littermate to our #1 ranked MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia LCX Fch, " Naughty", DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC, "Whisper", RBIS Int Ch Windrock Angeleyes of Skyings, SBIS Ch Windrock Does Your Mother Know, DC Windrock Dancing Queen SC Fch, "Karmen"and Multiple Group placing Ch Windrock Cassandra SC, "Cassie".

This brilliant red son of our #1 ranked Ch Greystone's Barcelona and out of the lovely Ch Sobers Storia daughter-Ch Sobers Aquatica SC,  finished his AKC Championship very easily earning multiple group placements from the classes, he was RWD at the  2002 GCA National, and was BOB over numerous top ranked specials the following day. He went on to  a huge Group 2 win at Lompoc KC the same day and finished his Championship.  Doing so, he defeated some of the very best Hounds in the country.

 He was exported to Finland soon after finishing his AKC Championship and has enjoyed a successful show and stud career in Scandinavia.  We had the foresight to store semen before his departure as we thought he would prove to be a successful sire.  It wasn't long before our predictions proved prophetic. Fernando is one of the top Greyhound sires, world-wide!

We are proud to announce that he has been selected to sire DC Windrock Bertha Better Than You SC Fch 2018 litter.

Some of Fernando's accomplishments:

* Top sire with Champion offspring in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Japan & USA

* Top Show Dog (all breeds) #4 in Finland in 2004, and #10 in 2003 & #12 in 2005

* Top #1 Sighthound in Finland in 2004, and #2 in 2003 & 2005, and #4 in 2002
* Top #1 Greyhound in Finland in 2002, 2003, 2005 & 2006
* Top #1 Greyhound Stud dog in Finland 2007
Past Litters At WINDROCK LLC~
Puppies and Exceptional Mothers At WINDROCK LLC

  Here is something that is not commonly seen!  Wicked (the red brindle) on the right has just whelped a new litter of nine.  Amber, a Mom of 8 three week old puppies thinks she needs some help. So she has climbed right in and is nursing some of Wicked puppies!  What a testimony to the great dispositions of these two Mommies.  For the record, Grandma Whisper goes in and helps with keeping the tykes spotless.  Now you know the secret to our Greyhounds fantastic temperaments.  Look what kind of upbringing they had as kids by their loving peers!

 Close up photo of Wicked's  newly born kids. Yes, I know Greyhound puppies aren't nearly as cute as say, English Springer Spaniel puppies, but you better not say that around these two proud Mamas.  If you do say something about their kids being ugly, you better be able to outrun them!  Greyhounds are ugly duckings puppies that mature into the most beautiful and graceful of canines.


One day old Greyhound whelps.  You know, the little one in the foreground reminds me of dear husband Colin.  He sleeps with his mouth open too!

 Meet our favorite Outlaw~That being none other than MBIF GCH DC Windrock Calamity Jane SC FCh    CJ Puppies came on May 04, 2014!!

CJ had a LONG night!  She delivered a beautiful whelping of 6 girls and 4 boys in a rainbow of colors. We have black brindles, red brindles, blue brindle, blue, and blue fawn.

The "Mom"


             MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch   x  #1 ranked MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia LCX Fch   

Both sire and dam OFA, CERF, Neuropathy clear  

 CJ is a beautiful blue brindle girl who has performed equally well in the show ring as well as on the coursing field. She has a sweet, kind personality that has made her the perfect companion in our home and a confident and radiant show dog that finished her AKC bench champion and Grand Champion titles with impressive wins. She is one of only a handful of Grand Champion winning Dual Champions in AKC history!  With extremely limited outs as a special, she is group placing and won BOB on the highly competitive GCA National weekend. She has enjoyed an illustrious coursing career, winning two field Championships, both ASFA and AKC field titles in addition to multiple BIF wins. Her accolades include BOB wins at the ASFA II, The GCA National Lure Trial and The Grand National.These lofty achievements haven't come easy, she has had to work hard to win running against the other noteworthy coursers from all around the country! CJ has been remarkably healthy and never took an unsound step coming off of the field. She is an own daughter of one of our best, the late great MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia LCX Fch, 

                                                                             Pedigree for litter

Her pedigree has previously produced some exceptionally healthy and long lived hounds. CJ's Aunt "Whisper" DC Windrock I've Got A Secret went big game hunting with us this last year and she is in her 14th year! We attribute her long life to good genes and proper management.

 CJ is currently ungoing health screening and is neuropathy free.  She will be re-Cerfed and OFA Cardiac (Doppler) and OFA thyroid.

 We expect strong and vigorous puppies in a rainbow of colors and much the same look and personality found in CJ's 3/4 sister Doobie's "Talk" litter.  The success of that mating is what prompted us to look again to the out-crossed bloodlines of our long deceased top producer, Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau.  We are so thankful that we had the vision to collect this remarkable sire and thus have the opportunity to incorporate this all but lost bloodline today!

   CJ on her way to winning BOB over some of the nation's best on the Greyhound Club of America National Specialty weekend!  She is solidly built and has wonderful lines and is absolutely truth in her movements. Note proper footfall, no GSD over reaching here!

  Photo below is a classic example of CJ in action. A clean, honest courser with unbridled enthusiasm and passion. In addition to many nice accolades including multiple BIF wins, CJ was BOB at the ASFA II! We can count on her to give her best each and every time!    

Top producing Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau has been selected to sire "CJ's" litter.  We expect puppies much of the same look, type and ability as BIF GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch's "Talk" Litter.   

Group Winning Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau

 SBIS Ch Crestfield Sky's Salute O'Gerico  x  Paula Of Quest

  OFA hips/CERF/Neuropathy Free

 Click this link for Pedigree:  Beau's Pedigree
Click this link for OFA:  Beau Results
  Beau was bred by our good friend Marti Bradford.  She raised him and showed him to his Championship and shown as a Special by her, this handsome showman racked up numerous BOB wins and group placements.  He also was a Group Winner in tough Texas competition.  His wins become more significant when one takes into account that Beau was often in direct competition with his 3/4 brother, the heavily promoted and professionally handled BIS/SBIS Ch Gerico's Chasing The Wind, a #1 ranked Greyhound that Marti also co-bred.  While "Chase" may have enjoyed a stellar show career,  many breeders would agree that of the two, Beau surpassed Chase in the whelping box.

Beau was the sire of 25 Champion get, including SBIS and Group winners.  Most of his offspring were owner-handled to their wins.  He also sired some excellent coursing and versatility greyhounds.  

Beau came to live at  WINDROCK for a while, and I remember often stopping my work just to admire him standing there out in one of our grass paddocks.  His conformation and elegant lines made him a magnificent sight and he had the well defined muscling and proper Greyhound shape, especially strong in the underline.  He was a moderately sized greyhound of great virtue and we are thankful to have had him in our lives --and hearts.

I remember Beau fondly.  He was an easy keeper and good traveler, a tremendous showman,  and very happy and animated in the ring.  Beau had a fabulous personality and happy, easy going loving personalities are the hallmark of his get.
 Beau has been gone many years and through the miracle of frozen semen we have the opportunity to incorporate this long gone bloodline into our WINDROCK broods and the results have been spectacular!  We expect "CJ's" litter to be outstanding in type, temperament, ability and come in a rainbow of colors.
Amber's First Litter came on March 19, 2011                                                   

It is a zoo at our house.  Good thing we have a HUGE master bedroom.  Needless to say  we needed a KING sized bed to accommodate our old veterans, Whisper and Cassie.  Today however, it is serving a different, very special purpose.  Amber wants to have her puppies here!

  Amber has just brought into a brave new world a beautiful blue/fawn brindle girl.  Old Whisper the quintessential Mother, is  adjacent to her giving advice.  I am watching, marveling at Amber, new baby and Whisper.  Amber is so accepting of Whisper and her new baby.  Life is good.  Stay tuned for updates. Amber is just getting started**Flash**final tally now in, Amber has free whelped a fine litter of 8!  7 girls and 1 male.  I like what I see, long necks, long bodies and tails.  Strong vigorous puppies with good heft and bone in a rainbow of colors.   Which one is for me? I can only wonder. 

The Stork came as expected on Memorial Day! 

This is a repeat breeding of our lovely DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC.  "Whisper"  is the dam of our exciting"Wild Bunch" litter sired by the Italian marvel, DC Sobers Ippolito SC. 

One of these pups is top ranked in Canada and won a Group 2 at her first show and finished her championship in a handful of shows. Another won a Group from the classes and two are field titled.  Three dominated the major wins on the 2009 National weekend! We predict illustrious careers for many of the Wild Bunch!

 Photo on left shows Whisper just a couple of days before she whelped 12 puppies in Dec of 2007. She free whelped her entire litter with no difficulty. Note her dark eyes, beautiful head and front and great conformation.  "Whisper" is a greyhound of great virtue and produces same.

 May 23, 2009. A very pg Whisper is pictured below. Note the fantastic condition and health of this Mamma to be is! Can you believe she is EIGHT years old? Good genes and the best of care account for health and longevity of our dogs.  Whisper's grandmother lived to be 16!

  Whisper's  time draws very near . . .

  UPDATE!!   At 8 am on Memorial Day--the first little pup makes her grand entrance!! An elegant little blue girl!!

By 1600 hours (4pm) Whisper has free whelped 10 perfect little babies ! I think she is done. I KNOW I am, I'm whipped just watching her!

This beautiful litter exceeds our expectations and has much the same look and quality as the WILD Bunch.  As they were born on Memorial Day, this litter has "American" theme names.

  WINDROCK has a policy of breeding mature Ch and/or Field titled bitches that are health screened.  By that time. we know how the bitch has "finished out" and by breeding only mature animals can a wise breeder effectively plot the course for future generations.  We breed only the very best, and even our best might have only one litter in a lifetime.  Many times have inexperienced or foolish breeders mated dogs as youngsters that  NEVER should have been bred as health problems and other undesirable considerations developed as the animals matured.  Eye problems in greyhounds often do not appear before 5 years of age.  Note that we regularly CERF our greyhounds! 

 Whisper is OFA/CERF/DNA  For OFA:

Whisper's "American Litter"                        Whelped on 5/25/2009























   Here is Mamma Whisper with her 10 pups at about one week of age.  Whisper is the best of Greyhound Moms and takes wonderful care of her family.  Her brood has waxed fax and strong! The proud Papa is Dual Champion Sobers Ippolito SC  "Ayden", featured below! 

Naughty's "Outlaws" came after midnight and after 5 cups of coffee. . .

 Turn back the clock seven years ago~Oh my gosh, my back is KILLING me. I stayed up all night with Naughty. She didn't need me, she knew what she was doing. The miracle of birth is something so blessed, so revered, that I find that no matter how many times I've seen it, each time is just like the first. Puppies ARE like a box of chocolates--you never know what you are going to get!

The Good News: Naughty easily whelped 3 girls and 1 little boy in about three hours time. We have 1 solid blue girl (Annie Oakley), 1 blue brindle girl (Calamity Jane), a white and black particolor girl (Calico Sue), and a black little boy (Pistol Pete).  Nice pups, all are firm, well bodied and vigorous.  They have pretty heads, long necks, great length and perfect tails. A small gang, but very promising. Well Done Naughty! 

The BAD News:   As is often the case with exceptional bitches like Naughty, the demand for her puppies far exceeded the supply!!  No "Naughty" puppies available. We were hoping for a larger litter, but feel blessed with what Naughty saw fit to give us.